Rack scanner - Tracxer Code Reader RS210
  • Rack scanner - Tracxer Code Reader RS210
  • Rack scanner - Tracxer Code Reader RS210



The Traxcer Code Reader provides a complete solution for lab samples management.

It allows to read a rack of 2D coded tubes in order to import samples information into LIMS.


It is simple and high-performance scanning at its best. This reader can scan coded tubes within less than 5 seconds. A text file is automatically generated (CSV) containing a list with 96 tube codes. This text file can be interfaced with several types of databases as well as with Excel spreadsheets.

LabCollector LIMS provides an add-on to directly import readers data into the samples module. Just one click and your samples information are created and savec into the database.

Due to the small size of the Tracxer Code Reader, it will fit in most of the robotic platforms, such as liquid handling systems and storage systems.

The reader is fully compatible with all SBS standard storage racks, which enables the reading of 24, 48, 96 and even 384 formats. Also, it is fully compatible with Micronic 2D Data-Matrix code, TraXis and other codes from competitive brands.


  •    Scans one rack in less than 5 seconds
  •    Small (A5 size) bench top solution
  •    Ease of use
  •    Easy software installation
  •    New software layout
  •    Reads 2D Data-Matrix and TraXis coded tubes
  •    Compatible with most brands of 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes
  •    Scans all SBS formats: 12, 24, 48, 96, and 384 tubes
  •    Software Developer's ActiveX Tool Kit available 
  •    Easy LIMS integration
  •    1D barcode integration
  •    Outputs a CSV-files (text)
  •    Microsoft Acces/Excel
  •    Additional features included
  •    1D Barcode reader is available as special accesoiry for the RS210 scanner

The Micronic Tracxer software is easy to use and gives reliable readings of the 2D codes and a smooth integration into any laboratory samples database.

The software includes a feature that when decoding a rack with 2D coded tubes a distinction is made between those 2D codes that are not recognised and those tubes that are not in place. This can be crucial for determining whether any samples are missing. It can be a vital feature for a reliable sample logistic system.

The software also features a 1D barcode integration.

With the optional 1D BC210 Barcode Scanner you can scan the barcodes of the racks automatically within the Tracxer software when at the same time scanning the coded tubes. The 1D BC210 Barcode Scanner is special made for the RS210 scanner and can be fitted on the RS210 scanner. 

Additionally, the software provides the functionality to generate an overview of the 2D codes in an Excel sheet in a row or in a 12x8 format (SBS footprint).


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Traxcer Code Reader RS210

Download (133.77k)

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