Temp. & Humid. Transmitter Pack


It is suitable for cleanrooms, museums, laboratories and data centers. Maintaining measurement traceability is easy due to field exchangeable intelligent measurement probes which can be exchanged with minimal downtime and process disturbance. 

The humidity parameter options available are:

  • Relative humidity,
  • Dew point/frost point,
  • Wet bulb temperature,
  • Enthalpy,
  • Absolute humidity,
  • Mixing ratio,
  • Vapor pressure, 
  • Saturation vapor pressure.

Vaisala HUMICAP® Brand



  • 2-wire loop-powered 
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Resistant to dust and most chemicals
  • Optional LCD display
  • USB cable available for a PC connection for maintenance
  • Wall-mounted or with a remote probe
  • Can be mounted outdoors using a Vaisala installation kit and the Vaisala Radiation Shield DTR502B
  • Enclosure IP65

Englobes: 1 Vaisala temperature and humidity transmitter + adaptor + 18v power supply


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